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Shotgun Orientation Saturday 01/14/17

For those of you needing a Shotgun Orientation, we will have one in the morning at the Shotgun Range at 10:00 AM. There will be a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match finishing up at about the same time and we will have the Orientation right after that. Come join us!!!

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President’s Message

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I would like to pass along some information. First, at our last Board Meeting in early December we reviewed dues collections. Our plan worked better than last year, but there is room for improvement. Because we were a little late in the roll out of the new plan, the Board voted to waive the $25 late charge for members paying in December this year. So if you haven’t paid your 2017 dues yet, be sure to get a check in the mail before the end of December. Send your $250 check to Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports, P.O. Box 1242, Northport, AL 35476. Call me if you have any questions. Second, in an earlier email we stated that the gate combination would change January 1st. The Board wants to wait until after our Annual Meeting January 23rd. Our plan is to have new identification cards with the 2017 gate combination at the meeting for those in attendance and mail the remaining IDs out. The new combination will be effective February 1st.

Also, consider this to be the official notice of the Annual Meeting on Monday January 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm at Mr. Bill’s in Northport. We will discuss Club business, elect two Board Members, and distribute member cards. We look forward to seeing you there.

George P. Lander
President, TSSI

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TSSI Meeting in January

Greeting fellow members and Merry Christmas.

Our annual club meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2017 at 6:00 pm at Mr. Bill’s restaurant in Northport.  During this meeting we will vote for and elect two board members who will serve for the coming four years. In addition, there are four officer positions (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) available and intended for two year terms that are appointed by the board.  While all four positions are under consideration for new appointment, we have a definite need to replace the resigning Vice President and Secretary.  Officers are responsible for handling day to day matters of club business such as membership and records maintenance, financial management, and assessing responding to club needs.  Our desire is to have as many club members as possible serve in varying capacities of club management. This helps us to always stay connected with the desires and needs of the membership and helps provide experienced people for continuity of operations of the club.  The board would like to ask each member consider submitting his or her name for consideration for any of these board or officer positions.  With the support and involvement of our members we can keep Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports operating on a sound footing and provide recreational shooting opportunities for members and their families and guests far into the future.  Please take time to respond to this message if you’d like to be considered.

Bryan Brinyark
Board Chairman
Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Inc

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CMP 22 Sporter Rifle Match

Saturday, December 3

Start Time: 9:00 am

Setup and Sight In Rifle before start time
Congratulations to Don McPhail,  November Match and Bronze Pin Winner !!!
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Several of you have been wanting to attend a Shotgun Range Orientation and we have not been able to have one that didn’t conflict with most schedules.  Well, we hope this will work for you. THIS SUNDAY AFTERNOON (October 30th) at 2:00PM on the Shotgun Range.  Be there and we have been collecting a $25 pre-payment on 5 “rounds” of clays, so please bring that too.  Most have been pretty quick orientations and you can expect to be finished in 15-30 minutes or so.




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TSSI Range Notes

There was a problem with the lock on the inside of our main gate and I swapped it out with one of our other locks (same combination). The numbers are a little hard to read but it works better than the other one. Sorry for this but I just special ordered a dozen new locks from Master to replace all of our locks and I couldn’t see buying another lock for just a few weeks. Thanks for your patience.

I hope to do a batch of ID Badges and have them to distribute Tuesday night. At this time of the year it’s a real challenge to know who has them and who needs them. If you need one because you’re a new member and haven’t got it yet, lost yours, the dog ate it, or even just need another for your other vehicle – let me know by replying this weekend to this message and I’ll be happy to do you one.

Everybody that has bleeding fingers from the staples on the plasticore backers on the pistol range, raise your hand … this afternoon, you guys were who I was thinking of when I pulled most of them while servicing those backers. You can ask why do that and we found that we get several times more service from them that the conventional corrugated cardboard we had been using, not to mention they are very strong against weather where cardboard that gets wet is headed for the burn pile. Please help us with these backers by doing a few things differently: 1. you don’t necessarily need to break them down all of the time, leave the backers stapled to the furring strips and when you finish shooting, remove the targets and let’s try stacking them on one of the big tables weighted with a sand bag. 2. add a bigger stapler with long staples to your range bag, with the longer bigger staples, a staple on each corner and one in the middle on the sides should hold the backers even through a real blow, little short staples ONLY WORK ON TACKING TARGETS TO THE BACKER, 100 short staples will not attach the backer to the strips. 3. if you’re one of those using tape (any kind), please leave that in your truck for when your radiator hose starts leaking, that stuff really is a mess to deal with. We also added two bike racks on the left of the 50 yard range to store the furring strips … they moved from the right to the left where we can all reach them overhead.

Finally – PLEASE MAKE SURE AND SIGN THE REGISTER WHEN YOU ARE SHOOTING ON A RANGE. We really need to know which ranges are used and which ones are not where we can better understand what we need to do to make improvements in our future.

Thanks and hope to see you Tuesday Night @ Mr Bills at 5:30,

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Fall Newsletter – 2016

President’s Message

I would like to take just a minute to give a heads-up on a number of things.

The Board has decided to require each member to have a concealed carry permit or its equivalent (e.g., active law enforcement or private background check). All new members must present credentials at the application stage. Current members will be asked to provide proof during our next renewal period. If for some reason you don’t have a concealed carry permit and don’t want to get one, let us know. The alternative of a private background check is expected to be significantly more expensive for you than maintaining the concealed carry permit.

We are changing the schedule for renewing our memberships. For our membership year 2017, which remains a calendar year, dues are due on or before November 30. We will have an incentive to pay during October (eligibility for a drawing – 1st place $50, 2nd place $25, and 3rd place $25), a $25 late charge after November 30th, and membership termination January 1st./gate code change.

We opened our Shotgun Field August 13th. For those who haven’t had their Shotgun Field orientation or lack other orientations, we are planning orientations on the second Saturday of each month at 9:00 am, as needed. Harvey Yoder and Ron Bolton are currently coordinating orientations. To use the Shotgun Field you will need special orientation and prepay for 5 Rounds (Round=25 shots/clays) with $25.

In January we will need to elect some new board members and appoint officers. If you have any interest in serving, please contact me for details.

Finally, we will be holding another Club Social set for next Tuesday, October 11th at 5:30p.m. at Mr. Bill’s in Northport. As usual, we will have a Club update and an open forum for general discussion. We hope you will be able to attend.

Generally, life is great at Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports!

George P. Lander


Vice President’s Message
A signed release form is an essential membership requirement. If you have joined since formation of this organization (at our new Lake Harris home) your form was part of your application. Most memberships were transferred from the Tuscaloosa Gun Club so a new TSSI release form is needed. Some transferees have done so, usually by signing and dropping a form in one of the range lock boxes. If you have not already done so please sign a form and either drop in a range lock box, sign, scan and email to, or mail to: Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports Inc., P.O Box 1242, Northport, AL 35476.

And a reminder. All non-members, including family, must be accompanied by a member and sign a release form at the range. Only one form is required per guest, it will cover future visits.

Larry Fagen


TSSI Range Safety
I have a few Safety reminders from things noticed around the ranges:

A. Cold Range Rules

1. Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports operates a COLD range policy.

a. When the range is COLD no one may touch a firearm.

b. Do Not approach a range with a firearm if someone is down range.

c. You may touch, load, and fire your firearm only when the range is called HOT.

d. When the range is COLD your firearm must be in a safe condition; unloaded, action or cylinder open, empty chamber indicator inserted, magazine out, safety on, holstered, cased, racked with the muzzle up, or lying on the shooting bench with the muzzle pointed downrange. Revolvers must have cylinder open and empty.

2. While at any range all firearms not in use shall have actions open and made in a VISIBLY SAFE CONDITION, i.e., install an empty chamber indicator or length of weed eater cord in the chamber so that it can be easily seen by everyone on the firing line.

3. Ammunition may be loaded into magazines on a Cold range, but not placed in the firearm.

4. Firearms must be transported to the range with chambers empty, in a case, holster, or with action open, an Empty Chamber Indicator(ECI) in the chamber, and with the muzzle pointed up.

5. When handling your firearm, be sure that the muzzle is pointing downrange and/or up.

6. You may not handle a firearm unless the range is called Hot. This includes removing a firearm from its case or putting one away.

7. No handling firearms behind the firing line unless the firearm is unloaded, the action is open, an Empty Chamber Indicator(ECI) in the chamber, and the range director has given the shooter permission to handle them.

8. No one shall go downrange until the range is called Cold.

9. When anyone is downrange, there will be no handling of any firearms!

B. Every round must impact the terminal berm.

1. Before you fire your first shot, make sure that you and your target are lined up so that you are firing straight into the berm, do not fire at an angle across the range.

2. Aim your firearm at your target, visualize where your rounds will impact, being sure that you will be firing into the berm.

C. When firing at the steel plates in the pistol bunkers, be sure to stand back at least 15 yards back from the plates. Notice the lead on the ground in front of the plates. It gets thicker, in a hurry, the closer you get to the plates.

Always think safety, forget it and the result may be a constant reminder, or worse.

Harvey Yoder

Chief Range Safety Officer


Extra Housekeeping Notes

We have been getting several calls of people going to the range and the gate is either wide open or unlocked with no member there. While sometimes it may be people servicing the gas wells at fault and there has been a crew bushhogging their right of way, what appears to be the problem revolves around our members coming in and leaving the gate open or not locking the gate on the way out. We have noted issues with one of the locks and we will replace them both and that should help, but please do YOUR PART and make sure the gate is closed on your way in and locked on your way out.

While checking the ranges today, there was brass all over several of the ranges, the bunkers were the worst. EVERYBODY was briefed that it is the member’s responsibility to police their brass everywhere, do it or be ready to get an ear full from me. Obviously, we will not run you off for such conduct …. the first time, but you must recognize this is a rule you are breaking and there are consequences for those who can’t obey our rules.

Directly tied to this situation we find evidence (un-policed brass) indicating people are shooting from wherever they please at whatever they please – most of which are wrong or dangerous! For example, one pile of .380 brass on the 100 yard Range were obviously fired from a place where NO ROUND SHOT AT ANY OF THE TARGET STANDS COULD HAVE POSSIBLY GONE INTO A BERM! Furthermore, what was shot most likely bounced out and had a 50/50 chance of hitting someone on the Shotgun Range! WE WILL RUN YOU OFF FOR THIS!!! In the bunkers we find brass 5 yards from the plate racks, and reflected bullets BEHIND this brass, you get to go to the hospital for this! We have replaced the orange engineering flags in the bunkers conforming to our 15-yard rule on these ranges and you should never shoot plates or any targets closer than these flags. Our Safety Rules are very clear and have no allowance for deviation from this – Every round that comes out of a barrel MUST go into a designated area on every one of our ranges; that’s the way it’s written and briefed to every member; nothing else is allowed.

Don’t forget we have Appleseed Project this weekend (Oct 8-9) and the 50 Yard Range will be tied up with that 8-5 both days, so plan on using one of our other ranges then. Our Monthly CMP .22 Sporter Match will be the next weekend – Saturday Oct 15 starting at 8:00 am with sighters at 7:30 – that’s only $10 for great little fun match.
Thanks – Barry Fikes

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TSSI Dates you need to know

SAVE THE DATE – We are planning a TSSI Club Social for Tuesday, October 11th at Mr. Bill’s in Northport at 5:30 pm.

THIS SATURDAY – For those who missed the first Shotgun Field orientation, we are going to have a second orientation on Saturday September 17th at 9:00 at the Shotgun Field.  This will also require $25 to be paid at orientation for prepayment of 5 rounds (Round=25 shots/clays) at $5.00 per Round, so come prepared.  You will need to go through this special orientation to use the Shotgun Field facilities.


OCTOBER 8th & 9th – We will host he final Appleseed Project for this year, see these links to register or for information – this is a great rifle training weekend that you don’t want to pass on:

Use this link to register for the event:

Information about this event is here:

Appleseed now accepts Groupon!  At this time Groupons are on sale for this event, but the sale may end soon.  Hurry!

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REMINDER – Tuscaloosa Friends of NRA dinner


Reminder – The annual Tuscaloosa Friends of NRA dinner is set for 6:00 Tuesday September 13th at the Faucett Park Activity Center in Northport.  The tickets are $40 each for adults and $20 each for Students 17 and under. Tickets are available online or at the door.

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