September CMP Sporter Rifle Match

CMP 22 Rifle Match
Saturday, September 10, 2016
Match Start Time 08:00
Set-up and Sight-in before match start time


Bring a friend to shoot the match.


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TSSI – Shotgun Program

The Club leadership is pleased to announce that we are ready to open the Shotgun Field for shooting. We have installed one Thrower with a wobble base and 3 shooting stands. The wobble base can automatically change the flight path for each clay, if desired. A condition of Shotgun Field use is orientation in the Special Rules for Shotgun Field and the Thrower Operation Instructions. Our first orientation meeting will be held at the Shotgun Field on Saturday August 13, 2016 at 9:30 am. This should take about 30-45 minutes. Members coming to orientation should be prepared to pay $25, which is a prepayment of 5 Rounds (a Round being 25 shells/clays shot). The Special Rules goes into detail, but I would like to summarize with the following comments. The nature of this program requires participating members to be oriented and agree to the rules. To those members, we will provide a separate combination which secures the Thrower Box and Clays Building. At this time, we believe $5 per Round shot will be adequate to cover the cost of clays and Thrower maintenance. On the sign in sheet at the Shotgun Field, you will need to record your Name and Rounds shots. We intend to bill participating members for Rounds exceeding their prepaid number, but additional prepayment would be appreciated. The Special Rules and Thrower Operation Instructions are subject to change.

The Shotgun Field is located just past the 50 yards handgun range on the right. We will provide other orientation sessions as we go, but would like to get as many members as possible checked out on August 13th. If you have any questions about the orientation or the Shotgun Field program, feel free to call me at 205 394 0047.

George P. Lander
Tuscaloosa Shooting Sports


In addition to the above, just a few notes:
1. We’re trying to catch up on making ID Badges – If you need one please contact Barry Fikes (you can reply to this e-mail or call 205-886-7165) as soon as possible.
2. We are getting very lax in keeping the range secure, please make sure the gate is closed and locked, even while you are using the ranges.
3.It is important to sign in on the registers where provided at the ranges, this information helps us keep on top of better providing for the needs and interest of the membership.

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CMP Rimfire Match August 13

CMP .22 Rifle Match

Saturday, August 13
Match begins at 8:00 am
Sight in before match start time

Hope to see you there.


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Shotgun Range Complete


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Range Update

Greetings and here’s wishing a great 4th of July weekend to you all!

Fist off, NO, we have not destroyed the ranges, but some of the main ones are not at 100% either.
The 300 yard Rifle Range – 100% operational and we’ve over-seeded the 1st 100 yards and hope to get a better stand of grass covering on it.

The 50 yard Pistol Range – it’s operational with some inconveniences – we tilled the range and most of the parking area and planted grass. We have some rain forecast for early in the week and if so we should get going in the grass business there soon. We must have everybody to stop parking right next to the shelter for a month or two … maybe until the end of Summer or we get some grass established. The object is to get grass growing where we can manage the washing and erosion in the parking area. Additionally, people have been using the portable target stands as close as 10′ in front of the firing line; while this is how we designed this range to operate, unfortunately, this is not working and people continue to hit other metal target holders which requires serious repair or retirement of them. If you have to post your target at an extended arm’s length to hit it, you need to shoot in the bunker ranges. If you can control your hits and are shooting close for qualification type practice, this is acceptable, however, you are responsible for any repairs you create as well as removing the portable stands from the range when you are through.

The 100 yard Rifle Range – is operational, but we seeded it too and have not been able to reset the 50 & 100 yard target stands. There are some portables on that range but you are responsible for positioning them where all rounds are impacting into the berm.

The Bunkers – have not been touched and are 100% except for a few ruts.

The NEW Shotgun Range – is not open yet, but we have finished all of the site preparation, tilling and seeding. We have placed a service building there and Ron has finished several of the shooting stands and they only need placement. He is also working on the first trap cover which is close to completion. The next part of that project is to purchase our first trap machine and targets. At that point we will have an orientation, operation and safety class for those interested in using that range. Expect procurement in a few weeks and safety class in about a month. This is what we’re shooting for but understand some of our projects have not gone according to the timeline we were shooting for.

THEREFORE, we will have a short Work Session next Saturday Morning – July 16th and get going at 8:00 AM. If we have a good turnout like we’ve had in the past, this could be only a few hours. We’ll have a good supply of drinking water. You need to bring a hat & gloves, a steel rake – or a weedeater – or a pole saw – or post hole diggers. Since we just planted grass on most of the normal parking area at the 50 yard Range, please park on the sides of the main entrance road.

Here’s what we need to accomplish in the order of their importance (we may not get it all done):
Reset target stands at 50 & 100 yards on the 100 yard Rifle Range.
Rake the 50 yard Range and smooth down some of the roughness left from the tilling & planting. Remove any problem rocks or sticks.
Weedeat around the shelters & where needed on the 300 yard Range.
Move 4-6 crossties to protect new seeding on the 50 yard Range.
Gather sticks & rocks off of the Shotgun range and dress up some spots with rakes.
Correct placement of target stands as needed on the 50 yard Range.
Trim some limbs around roadways – some, not a lot as we have done in the past.

FINALLY, if you see something that we may need … for example: burn barrels or trash barrels or signage or anything that you see that we can use that you can get without in any way getting in trouble, please let Barry or Ron know and we will thumbs up the stuff we want before you bring it on out.

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6-8:30 PM
(doors open at 5:30)

$40 Adult
$20 Students 17 and under



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Shotgun Range Excavating Started

IMG_0660 IMG_0661

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TSSI- Important Range Information & Status

Be aware that we will have a bulldozer at the range starting work Wednesday (5/25) morning and this will close whichever range he would be working on. We expect this work to be finished within about a week. We are starting a Shotgun Range that we hope to have up and operational early in the Summer. This should not impact operation of any other range. However, we will also be improving the berms on the 50 yard Range and the 100 yard Range. While he is on either of those ranges, that range will be closed, but you can still shoot on any of the other ranges. Since there is no way we can forecast which work will be in progress at any particular time, if you are wanting to come up and shoot, please free free to call Barry @ (205) 886-7165 for a current status.

Another reminder and encouragement to participate in the upcoming Appleseed Project in just two weeks! It’s June 4th & 5th and if it seems we are really pushing this … WE ARE! This is the best Rifle Training that happens on our range or anywhere close to us and at an amazingly inexpensive cost. It’s a great 2 day shooting event and the best way to get your kids introduced into shooting. It’s designed for anybody young teens to us in the walker crowd. Sign up now at: Tuscaloosa, AL Appleseed June 4-5, 2016

On the 50 Yard Pistol Range in particular we are seeing more and more evidence of rounds that are not going into the Impact Berm and by hitting the ground or barriers would be leaving the range. In order to accommodate shooters wanting to shoot closer than 25 yards it’s easy enough to simply set your targets at whatever distance you want to fire at. Here’s the problem, if you are shooting at a properly positioned target say 10 yards out and are not keeping all of your rounds within the “9 ring”, chances are good your low hits are ricocheting out or even more dangerously, your high hits would be going over the berm at full steam! Please! If you are shooting at targets close in, YOU MUST INSURE THAT ALL ROUNDS ARE GONG INTO THE TERMINAL BERM, per TSSI Safety Rules. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to manage this situation on all rounds that you and your guest fire. Our only recourse to this situation will most likely be to ban shooting at targets on portable stands closer than 25 yards on that range, forcing those desiring to shoot targets close to move to the bunkers.

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Appleseed Shoot


TSSC is hosting an Appleseed Shoot scheduled June 4th & 5th. The Appleseed is the best rifle training you will ever get! For adults it cost $60 for adults and Youth under 18 years of age w/ID are $20 (Mil & LEOs are free) … this is for boys & girls on up to senior ages. It is another .22 event and most will shoot up a brick of .22s at it and it is an all day thing Saturday and most of Sunday. It is training on all of the nuances of rifle shooting woven with education of the American Revolution as a background for our 2nd Amendment. Everybody regardless of their skill level will come away with an improved marksmanship skill-set.

This is a great program and well worth our time and support! Please also pass this on to anyone you know wanting to improve their rifle shooting skills.

Any questions, please contact Barry Fikes

To sign up, click HERE to sign up for the June event.


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CMP Rimfire Match May 21, 2016

CMP .22 Rifle Match
Saturday, May 21, 2016
Match begins at 9:00 am
Sight in before match start time
Hope to see you there.
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